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Wade’s Army is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization standing arm in arm with families at the front lines of the fight against neuroblastoma.

We raise money directly for children and parents affected by childhood cancer, while also supporting research programs and hospitals fighting to find a cure.


If you are not interested in suiting up and sporting a uniform, you can always make a donation of any amount.



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fundraise for wade's army!

Become a fundraiser for Wade's Army on our donation page found here! Donations are steered in four directions: funding research, directly financially supporting families, building a hospital kitchen and operations.
Please select where you would like your contribution to go and claim your 2019 Wade's Army Uniform! If you are interested in hosting a 2019 fundraising event for Wade's Army, please fill out this form!

join our family in the fight against neuroblastoma

Cancer is a word everyone knows, and a word no one wants to hear. Certain cancers are common household names. Most people have heard of leukemia, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Neuroblastoma, on the other hand, is mysterious to many. Wade's Army was founded by the Welbourn and DeBruin families to recruit others to use their Power for good and bring the fight to this pediatric cancer.

We believe that the only way to conquer this extremely aggressive childhood cancer is to give it a name. Join the fight by getting people-beyond the medical community and those of us who have suffered in its wake-realize neuroblastoma actually exists.

No one at any age deserves to get cancer, but when a cancer targets toddlers, it turns our word inside out. The average age children are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma is 22 months (before most have even been potty trained). It's the most common cancer in infants, affecting almost twice as many babies as leukemia. And more than 95% of children with Neuroblastoma are diagnosed by the age of 10. There are about 700 cases of the disease each year in the United States alone. 

awareness is the first step in action: join the fight online!

Let's give neuroblastoma a name by rocking your Wade's Army Uniform and posting a photo to your Instagram page.
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